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Build Healthier Drinking Habits.

Use Neuroscience to Reframe your Relationship with Alcohol & Unlock the Healthiest, Happiest You. 


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We do science, not stigma. Research not rules.

Developed with hundreds of medical and mental health experts, Reframe is a revolutionary alcohol habit change app.

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91% Reframe users noted substantial decrease in alcohol use within 3 months

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How Does Reframe Work?

Reframe is the only platform that utilizes neuroscience, bringing together an evidence-based behavior change program, tools, and a support community. Everything you need in one place.

It’s not just convenient, it’s life-saving

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Evidence-based Alcohol Reduction Program

The heart of Reframe is our exclusive program developed by leading experts in the fields of mental health, and medicine. Visit your Daily Tasks to learn something new, every day.


24/7, Private, Anonymous Community

Level up your alcohol-free or mindful drinking life with friends: celebrate milestones, give and receive support, or dive into one of our specialized community groups like our LGBTQIA+ or Parents forums.



Everything you need to beat a craving, at the touch of a button. Turn on a meditation, keep your hands busy with a game, and so much more.



Learn something new with Reframe Classes: recorded and live video classes about all of the things you need to build a big, beautiful life drinking less.



Go even deeper with Reframe Thrive Coaching: unlimited chat with our Thrive coaches, daily live meetings, and premium video courses.

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Progress & Health

Track your alcohol-free days, check in on health improvements, see how much money you’ve saved by not drinking, and collect badges for streaks and skills.


Ready to Meet the Best version of Yourself?

Start your 7-day trial now

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