Quit Alcohol with Science.


Reframe (Formerly Digital Sponsor) brings a dynamic recovery program & all the tools you'll need to quit alcohol, right to your pocket. 

Reframe is the #1 most comprehensive quit alcohol app.

Sobriety does not need to be complicated or expensive. So we found a way to do more for less. We built Reframe to bring together a program, tools, guidance, and most importantly structure all in one place or rather one app. Reframe is the culmination of years of suffering, recovery, research, and technology. It is here now so that you don't have to spend years suffering to get sober. 

It's not just an app, it's everything you need for sobriety. 

Not only did we gamify and combine CBT, mindfulness, games, and tools into one easy-to-use smartphone app, we also partnered with various communities & programs to bring different challenges & offerings for our users to select from. 

Our users love Reframe. And you will too.

Alex KC



The daily tasks in the app are absolutely amazing how well they help start out my day! They provide amazing scientific information and great insight into addiction and how alcohol effects us. This reinforcement is so helpful to have in my pocket. It’s also great to have the craving tool with me wherever I go and that has helped me get through several urges I’ve had by using the meditation tools provided (and the games!!). I can’t recommend this tool enough for anyone looking to take a break from alcohol or has taken an extended break already (I’m 18 months alcohol free and use it every day).



I started this a few days ago. I have found doing the daily list and the information provided daily so valuable in understanding why I seek the quick fix of alcohol or others things. I am learning to take back control of my brain and actions. I’m also learning to understand why I’ve been doing it. Slow progress and not a quick fix is what I’m reminding myself of so far.



I came across this app by accident; but there was something/someone looking over me that lead me to its path. This app saved my life, and grounded me back to existence. Not only does it motivate you to live/love a sober life, it helps break down how the human body and mind works, in a interesting way! Best of luck to y’all on whatever journey you have in front of you, the answers aren't at the bottom of the bottle and this app showed me that.



I never review apps, but Reframe definitely deserves it. This has helped me tremendously with my self care sobriety journey and I am so thankful for the creators of this app!



Accountability at its finest. This app is not comparable to anything else. I love the support offered through the app itself. This makes it easy to log my booze free hours and holds me accountable. Cheers!

Star-Keisha Jones


What an awesome tool for staying on track without any type of negativity or feelings of failure if you fall off track. I love all the cool features and tools that make the app fun and accessible for today’s generation of alcohol free lifestyle!



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