Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen

When I am emotionally vulnerable and struggling it feels like I am walking about with no skin. It feels like every nerve ending on my body is standing to attention, and the world isn’t just happening around me – it’s assaulting me. This is a fecund field for urges to spring up.

There will be way more to come over the following weeks on other people’s touch and physical boundaries – today I just want to focus on how the world touches us.

A huge part of self-soothing for me is comfort and softness. When everything feels spiky on the inside, running my hands over the smoothness of a stone balances it. When I want to tear my skin off, covering it in my softest clothing can dampen that urge. When I feel like I’m buzzing with nerves from the inside out, smoothing moisturiser over myself softens that in every way.

Again, it’s a small but significant thing that can make a world of difference.

Writing prompt:

How does it feel when you are hypersensitive to sensations around you? What is the opposite of that?

Two tiny things:

- Write a list of things that have soothing textures. Places, positions, items, clothing, etc. Consider putting it in your crisis kit.

- Try on a few outfits and see how they make you feel. Maybe try on something you don’t wear often.