Day Fifty One

Day Fifty One

Here’s a fact that blew my mind:

“Not a single feeling, good or bad, will last forever.”

Cravings typically last one twenty minutes. A bad day may sometimes turn into a bad week, but within that there are usually a thousand peaks and troughs, and it always passes.

We are not static, we are always changing and developing – we have so many different parts of our character and what we offer the world that rotate closer and further away from the surface. It can feel unstable, but it is also a natural flux that I love tapping into now. It is the full gamut of human emotion that sobriety promised me. It’s brutal, and brilliant.

You are not broken, there is no permanent state of bad or good. But there is what you are dealing with today, then there is the choice of what you do with it. Acceptance, distraction, turning the mind, celebration – whatever it takes to weather the mood, you can get through it because it absolutely is not a fixed state or permanent fact.

Writing prompt:

Have you been experiencing mood swings? What are things/tools/skills you can do to ride the wave?

Three tiny things:

- Integrate something stable and sure into your daily routine. I have my morning stretch, journaling, and hydration. Come hell or high water, those things are done.

- Light a candle or incense and enjoy the scent.

- Doodle, paint, or collage.