Day Fifty Three

Day Fifty Three

I prided myself on being the girl who could drink the most – keeping up with the best of them. I was the one with the ridiculous stories that could make people laugh the hardest. I had many cute quips and witticisms about my ability and enthusiasm for drinking.

On every dating profile I had, I absolutely needed to make it abundantly clear that I could drink them under the table, or at least have it a quirky part of the identity I was trying to portray.

Taking that out of the equation has put me in a position to vulnerably present myself and my interests. Drinking is, for the most part, culturally accepted – and as previously explored it numbed my vulnerability nerve to get rid of social insecurity and feign a feeling of acceptance. One of my moves as a sober person has been finding my genuine interests, exploring them, and presenting them without fear of judgement.

We contain multitudes, and I think society has moved past the need for small talk, so being sober gave me the energy and space to be curious about the world around me. The ripple effect is closer friendships, a more active mind, and conversations that are electric, without needing the buzz of alcohol. We are way more interesting than that.

Writing prompt:

What are things that interest you, and are interesting about you, outside of your drinking stories?

Three tiny things:

- Think of a niche interest you have and spend some time finding out more about it. Mine have included Celtic Mythology, UFOs and Body/Breath connection.

- Pick up a book and read a few pages.

- Call a friend today and talk about something that interests you.