Day Forty Two

Day Forty Two

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where you’re casually talking about your trauma or addiction as if it’s a universal human experience, only to be met with a blank stare and an “are you ok?” response?

If you’ve lived a chaotic and traumatised existence oftentimes we are numb to the experience, and can talk about it with great transparency or levity that shocks others. Or we can hold things that are totally normal to us, but shocking and upsetting to others who have no contact with it. Whilst no one has lived a trauma free existence, it has been important for me to talk about the specifics of addiction with those who understand it, and who are in the trenches with me.

To express yourself without having to explain yourself means freedom, identification, and the death of shame. Keeping a network of people, sometimes different people for different things, has ensured that I always can be seen and understood in a way that stops me from othering myself, or thinking I’m beyond help or redemption.

It means I can laugh about things with people who get it. It means the darkness is shared, and freedom can be found. It means support and the deeply comfortable feeling of knowing we are not alone.

Writing prompt:

Are there communities/places/groups you are interested in where you can connect with other people in recovery?


Three tiny things:

- Write out a secret. Burn it, throw it in a river, let it go.

- Tell someone something truthful about yourself today.

- Put your hand on your heart, breathe into it five times and say: “I am not alone, I am supported”