Day Ninety

Day Ninety

Not drinking is just the beginning. I hope over the past 90 days I’ve illustrated some of the ways sobriety has enriched my relationships, my creativity, and my peace.

I love the image of peeling an onion – even if it means that saying it in my Scottish accent usually means someone will usually make a joke about Shrek, you know the bit about Ogres being like onions (they have layers!). I don’t think the onion ever has a centre. I don’t think we ever arrive, for me the discoveries just keep coming. There has been a million first times, and a million first tries. Whilst that used to be an enormous source of fear, it is now an enormous source of fun.

I get to decide how I go forward, without drink stifling me. I get to decide who I am, rather than smothering it with what I think people I want me to be. I get to feel optimism and hope without feeling like it’s something fake and untrustworthy.

It takes time, and some layers are harder to peel, but this is worth it, and you are safe.

Work diligently and truthfully, and go easy on yourself. Thank you for coming on this path with me, and please tell anyone you think might enjoy it. I love you, Loz xo

Writing prompt:

Where do you want to go from here?

Three tiny things:

- Write a letter to yourself, thank yourself for the work you’ve done.

- Write a gratitude list and share it with someone. Perhaps ask them to write one too.

- Write five things you are proud of.