Day One - Part 2

Day One - Part 2

My columns looked like a little bit like the ones pictured above. The benefit was simple: I would feel ok, for about five minutes (until I needed more). Seemed fair enough. When I was asked about the long term benefits I had to pause. There were none. Then we talked about the short and long terms costs of drinking today. My columns looked a little bit like this:

I do this exercise quickly as a Hail Mary in my head, even when I’m walking past the booze aisle in the supermarket. It checks the facts, not my fantasies. In all my experience there has never been a long-term benefit of alcohol that outweighs the long-term cost. Even though sobriety is taking it one day at a time, it doesn’t mean we can’t prime ourselves every day for the best future possible. 

Writing prompt:

What consequences has alcohol and drugs brought me? Think of the timescales – what have been consequences over 24 hours? A week? Your whole life?

Two Tiny Things:

- Drink enough water today. It means your mouth doesn’t get lonely, and your kidneys, liver, and intestines will thank you. 

- Sit with yourself for five minutes, in a moment of quiet. What comes up? Start noticing things. Write it down.