Day Seven

Day Seven

It’s 5pm, rush hour, someone is bumping into me with their bag, a slow walker is stopping me from getting the walking pace I want, I miss the tube by 8 seconds (approximately), the next one isn’t for 9 minutes. I will be four minutes late for my next job, unless I sprint, and my feet really hurt because I’ve been on them all day and I hate my formal work shoes. Someone is talking too loud on their phone. I’m either going to scream or break down into floods of tears. Did you know it’s perfectly legal to just scream in public? I could just lose my shit, right here.

These things are all categorically infuriating, but these are simply the small, inevitable annoyances of being a human being on planet earth. I don’t know why I’m reacting disproportionately to them, and start telling myself maybe I’m just too sensitive for this world. Then I remember. I haven’t eaten since 9am. I was woken up too early after getting to bed too late. I haven’t done a workout in four days.

These things make me emotionally vulnerable.

Little check points to take care of emotional vulnerability are:

1) Taking care of basic physical needs, taking meds, going to the doctor, drinking water.

2) Eating when you need to, not putting off meals, not substituting meals for coffee.

3) Avoiding things that exacerbate your anxiety, like extended contact with triggering people, smoking too many cigarettes, coffee at inappropriate times.

4) Trying to get enough sleep.

5) Moving your body mindfully at least once a day, with a walk, a stretch, a workout.

Writing prompt:

What does emotional vulnerability look like to you? What things deplete your resources, and how can you insulate yourself against them?

Two tiny things:

- Is there something in your schedule you can remove or shift to make your life slightly easier or leave you less exhausted?

- Plan a really nice meal, whether you cook it from start to finish or order something special in. It can be simple, something you remember from childhood, or your all-time favourite.