Day Seventy Eight

Day Seventy Eight

Here was a fun discovery that came with sobriety: I prefer being in small groups, and I don’t actually want to be the centre of attention. Many people have been quick to label me an extrovert, especially during my drinking and the person it made me.

I thought I had to be an extrovert, I thought people would think I was weird for enjoying time spent by myself, nurturing a few close friendships, and needing time to recharge my social battery between social events. When I felt like I had to fit into the box of a bombastic, endlessly energetic person, drink was an easy solution.

It really worked, until it didn’t, and it left me lonely and isolated, dealing with hangovers and consequences that disconnected me from reality.

We don’t even have to be one or the other, my favourite phrase “we contain multitudes” comes to mind, and like everything I’ve been discussing, we can be flexible with these labels. I can approach my social capabilities by the day, and decide whether today I prefer to fill my tank with some loving solitude, or seek out to heighten my energy with some social interaction. Above all, I feel I am living authentically, and not glomming on a label or persona that will make me feel more accepted.

Writing prompt:

Has your relationship to Introvert/Extrovert changed recently?

Three tiny things:

- Move your blood around with some physical movement today.

- Have a quiet cup of tea or coffee to yourself today.

- Journal any physical differences you have experienced over the past few months.