Day Seventy Five

Day Seventy Five

I’m a big believer in love languages, I know I receive love best through words of affirmation and usually I’ll endeavour to know someone else’s love language in order to support them in the way they wish to be supported. I’ve sent paragraphs of text to people, when I best could have served them with some quality time, and I’ve perceived neglect by not making my love language clear and being bewildered by gifts rather than acknowledge that is how they best portray affection.

We can use the love languages on ourselves, to best appreciate ourselves throughout sobriety.

1. Words of Affirmation: Journaling, gratitude, practising affirmations, challenging your inner critic.

2. Acts of Service: Putting effort into your meals, organising your home, seeing your therapist, grooming.

3. Receiving Gifts: Treating yourself, making a bucket list and ticking something off it, getting the best version of a gadget or appliance.

4. Quality Time: Setting aside time for yourself, mindfulness, not overscheduling yourself, carving out time for hobbies and interests.

5. Physical Touch: Stretch, yoga, exercise, long bath, grooming, sensual pleasures.

Rediscover exactly how you want to be treated, by treating yourself that way – and see how it effects your energy. See how much it ripples out.

Writing prompt:

What is your self-love language?

Three tiny things:

- Engage in an act of self-love today.

- Do something kind for someone, with no expectations.

- Do you have any health care needs that need tended to? Physio? Doctor’s appointments? Dentistry?