Day Seventy Four

Day Seventy Four

When I got a grip on boundaries I was able to distinguish between the different types of boundaries. It added more detail and more clarity, and gave me more tools.

There are 6 main ones that come to mind.

1. Physical boundaries. For me this looks like not hugging people I don’t know, not letting people into my space unless I trust them, and drinking fucking water.

2. Emotional boundaries. This involves not taking on too much of people’s feelings, only sharing when comfortable, and being careful with who has access to certain parts of me.

3. Time boundaries. This involves sticking to schedules, honouring commitments at the arranged time, and not overcommitting to things.

4. Sexual boundaries. This involves consent, knowing consent is reversible, and not doing things that are uncomfortable or potentially destabilising.

5. Intellectual boundaries. This involves healthy detachment from immovable disagreement, not criticising or allowing myself to be criticised unjustly, and limiting access to things that make me furious on purpose.

6. Material boundaries. This includes guidelines for borrowing and sharing items, being sensible with money, and valuing the possessions of others/demonstrating how you want your possessions to be valued.

And as always with boundaries, the key is clarity.

Writing prompt:

What areas of these different types of boundaries do you feel need a bit of attention?

Three tiny things:

- Clean something today.

- Make a to-do list and a to-done list.

- Try a meditation technique today.