Day Sixty Seven

Day Sixty Seven

Skills and tools at first can often feel bulky and perplexing. Looking at all of this in one lump made me feel like I was being asked to refit a kitchen without a manual, and I think if you have any idea of my skillset, DIY is CERTIANLY not in there.

We don’t have to be experts at this all at once. Give yourself time to become accustomed to using them, and give yourself kindness if you don’t execute them perfectly. I don’t believe there is a perfect way to use skills because we are human beings, and not robots. They’re not programmes we install and execute to a tee; we work out how they work for us and move from there.

We have positive experiences with them, and negative ones, and we’re always learning. Sometimes it is awkward or painful to try new things out of our trauma swaddling, it doesn’t mean it’s not working. This isn’t linear, and that’s ok. You’re doing great.

Writing prompt:

What skills are you enjoying or have been using the most?

Three tiny things:

- Do a review of the skills you’ve learned over the week 1s of the package, and see if you can find deeper meaning in them.

- Write a love letter, to literally anyone.

- Give yourself the luxury of thirty minutes of quiet time, or if that’s impossible due to children or work, find some peace in the chaos.