Day Sixty Two

Day Sixty Two

Sometimes when I’m doing inner-work I get lost in my head. I can get caught up in loops or over-think myself into complete inaction, losing the point of why I’m doing the work in the first place. This leaves me feeling lonely and misunderstood.

Alongside a temptation to isolate over perceived worthlessness or lack of energy levels, I can lead myself to the conclusion that I’m alone and hopeless. It makes me feel like I’m not NORMAL and other people have it so much easier. I get stuck there because I’m left thinking it’s a “them” and “me”, two separate entities, and there isn’t anywhere I belong.

I’ve already discussed the idea that we are not alone, and sharing our problems with someone who struggles similarly is a freeing experience.

A huge amount of my recovery has been a result of the twelve steps, I’m very transparent about this because it was lifesaving, and my DMs are always open for those who are wishing to discuss it, hell I’ll even go to a meeting with you (bless zoom). If twelve step recovery isn’t something you resonate with that’s ok, it exists as something that is there for people who need it and it will always be there should you find nothing else that works. There are other healing modalities such as Recovery Dharma, Refuge Recovery, Smart Recovery, Women for Sobriety, SOS, and more. These groups are there for you, and can be very intimidating at first, but it might be worth a shot to see if the structure and inbuilt community might benefit you.

Writing Prompt:

Could established groups like this be helpful for you?

Three tiny things:

- Write a list of things you do when you’re lonely, and find a healthy and reasonable alternative for them.

- Maybe research communities again, or recommit your engagement to your current one.

- Reach out to someone today.