Day Thirty One

Day Thirty One

Our bodies carry powerful memories, messages, and a whole lot of tension. We haul around years of clenching our jaw, holding our shoulders too high, and not breathing fully into our core.

Fighting cravings doesn’t only make our brain feel like a pinball machine, it manifests physically, which then sends more messages to our brain, and this loop makes a bad situation worse. We sometimes don’t know how tense we are, and end up building more tension upon tension. Alcohol lied to me when it said it would relax me, because the anxiety and physical effects it granted me ended up worsening this tension lattice.

I believe in the power of the physical check in. It relaxes me, slows my heart, and gives me a minute to myself. Dropping into the body, reassuring it of its safety, and taking some air out of the tyre. Here is my step-by-step physical check in:

1) Rub my temples and sides of my jaw gently. Release my jaw slowly by opening and closing it.

2) Drop my head back, let my jaw fall naturally and have gravity take care of it for as long as I like.

3) Roll my neck five times, going over any areas that catch or crack.

4) Roll my shoulders backwards and forwards, imagining my shoulder blades are lowering down my back.

5) Put my hand on my core (if comfortable) and breathe into my hand five times.

6) Bend forward, hinging at the waist, and roll up imagining I am stacking my vertebrae on top of one another, one at time.

Writing prompt:

Where do you hold tension, and what would be a nice way to take care of it, that doesn’t involve alcohol?

Three tiny things:

- Get a good walk in.

- Drink enough water.

- If you find yourself doomscrolling, or looking at things with the intention of disrupting your peace, put the phone down.