Day Thirty Six

Day Thirty Six

My life and sanity have been saved by boundaries with others. The boundaries I make with myself are just as important.

To me, boundaries are the lines I make that I do not cross in order to keep myself safe. They are well thought out, backed up by action, and with time can become flexible. They are the loving signals I put out that communicate how I would like to be treated, without expecting people to tiptoe around me.

With other people they signal where I begin, and they end (and vice versa) to help create healthy space.

The boundaries I create with myself are between the self I want to be, and the behaviours I know will take me to a darker place.

My boundaries with myself include not working past 9pm, not looking at my ex’s instagram, making at least 4 meetings a week, taking fifteen minutes to myself a day, not working out when I’m sick or sore, eating three meals a day, and not changing my schedule for people who tend to flake.

Writing prompt:

What are some boundaries you can make with yourself? I have a highlight on my Instagram of some examples submitted by followers.

Three tiny things:

- Move your blood around your body today with a walk, yoga, or a workout.

- Pick up a book and read it, even just a few pages.

- Call someone and ask them what boundaries they use to help themselves stay safe and sane.