Day Twenty

Day Twenty

In order for me to participate as a human being in the world I need to be aware of, and manage, my triggers. This was all with the help of a therapist, and a lot of mental grunt work.

Recently we talked about the other side of the coin: Glimmers.

Where a trigger may arrest our nervous system, send us into a survival state, and have our body replay powerful trauma, a glimmer is something that can help us cope, and puts our body in a place of safety and ease.

In the same way that certain experiences trigger our nervous system into fight/slight/freeze, certain smells, places, and people activate our response to access the safe and connected zone of our parasympathetic nervous system.

Writing prompt:

Over the past few days have you been able to identify sights, sounds, smells, places, feelings, or sensations that make you feel safe and connected? Could you use them in times where you feel like you need to drink to withstand something?

Two tiny things:

- Consolidate your list of glimmers and keep them in one place you can access.

- Is there a book on trauma you’ve been interested in buying to learn more about triggers/your trauma responses? Perhaps consider investing in it.