Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Five

A fact undeniable about life is that we have expectations put on us. Whether we are bombastic performers, “old souls”, soft spoken, the baby of the family – whatever it is, we have ideas of what we are to be projected onto us. Oftentimes our level of happiness or satisfaction can be gauged by how we do or do not live up to that expectation.

I was a kid with a musical talent, so anything less than perfect was simply not good enough. Literally any biopic or biography of any musician tells the tale as old as time as to where that leads. My fear or imperfection and criticism to match up to the expectation made drinking my safe haven from that expectation.

Today I work to realise that expectation isn’t real. It never was. There are realistic and reasonable expectations on me: to show up to work, answer the phone, not scream at people on the street, etc – and I can meet them all with more ease if I’m gently releasing the unrealistic ones my inner child is still punishing themselves for not matching up to.

Writing prompt:

What unrealistic expectations do you hold for yourself? What would it feel like to live outside of them?

Two tiny things:

- Do something indulgent for yourself, massage, physical care, a nap. You don’t have to earn it, just do it.

- Think of a hobby you would like to do, not to be perfect at, just to have fun with.