Day Twenty One - Part Two

Day Twenty One - Part Two

As a chronic overthinker I get stuck in why I’m feeling something, so I can try to rationalise it away. Sometimes I need to stop at the “What?” What am I feeling? Can I put words to it? How would I describe it? Do I need to act right now? Usually not. Usually it is simply weather, and naming it can tell me whether I need an umbrella or not, rather than running outside, confused as to why I’m soaked to the skin. Rage and fear were big ones for me, they felt like white hot behemoths that annihilated my rational thought. Using this wheel below I could often realise the nuance of the emotion, and it was easier to sit with. I could see that my rage had layers. It worked as well for positive emotions, finding all the different nuances of “happy” helped me invite more of it into my life. It was like adding new hues onto something that felt reduces to broad, overwhelming strokes.

Writing prompt:

Are you good at naming your emotions? How does putting names to it change the game for you?

Two tiny things:

- When an emotion wafts by, casually attach the label that fits it best. Say “I am feeling [xyz]” and accept it.

- Try to assess your level of emotional vulnerability. Are you sleeping enough? Have you been eating?