Welcome to your Brutal Recovery Companion, where for the next 90 days you’ll be getting a daily check in from me to help you along, based off my own experience as a sober person.

I’ve moved from hateful and disgraceful, to grateful and stable. Throughout all the ups and downs there has been one constant: it’s been brutal. So that’s why I created this - this 90 day companion is a wee guide to getting some tools to help against cravings, find joy in a sober life, and recover the parts of yourself that a life with alcohol and substances obscured.

I’m going to introduce a concept for you to think about every day, and a writing prompt based on it. Every day will involve a small list of tasks, which I call “tiny things” and they will gradually increase and build, to help those small but significant changes that creates progressive growth.

Each month will include:

Week 1: Coping.

We will learn coping skills, breaking down the lie that we need alcohol to take the edge off of being a human in the world.

Week 2: Connection.

We will bring ourselves closer to those around us, and ourselves, breaking down the lie that we need alcohol to navigate social situations and friendships.

Week 3: Rediscover.

We will look inward and find out the things about ourselves that we couldn’t quite see whilst in active addiction, breaking down the lie that alcohol is an indisputable part of us.

Week 4: Recovery.

We will look inside and find what we lost, and use that to look forward, breaking down the lie that alcohol and drugs are who we are.

This is one day at a time, but we don’t have to do it all in one day. Come with me, and let’s be curious and courageous – we might even have some laughs along the way.

This guide is not associated with any 12-step programme. If you are interested in twelve-step please feel free to message me on Instagram, where I will gladly chat to you about it.

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