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While we know there are countless reasons to pursue reduced alcohol intake, the intent in crafting your “why” is to identify those factors that are most important to you.

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Another helpful exercise to hone in on your “why” is to keep “drilling down” on your chosen motivations.

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In this example, a more compelling “why” than clear skin is the overall impact that reducing alcohol has on your mental health.

In early days, it’s entirely possible that your “why” may be very concrete and specific, like “because I must quit being hungover to keep my job.” Over time, as things become easier, it may progress into more abstract motivations like “living in alignment with my highest self.” Just as we grow in life, so does our “why.”

Now take some time to reflect; what are the most important reasons you have chosen to examine your relationship with alcohol? What motivations can you call on when reducing your alcohol consumption becomes especially challenging?

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