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Everything is full range, unless otherwise prescribed. If you can’t because of structural pain or dysfunction, change the exercise.


Rep range + tempo will dictate what weight you should be doing. I cannot be more adamant about this; Leave your ego at the door and use the correct weight fam! Focus on the work being challenging, and not whether you think it's "too light" or "not heavy enough". Do everything with intent, control, and grace. Own that shit!


If your rep range is 6-8 choose a weight which will allow you to perform between 6- 8 reps in a set. Ideally 8 reps in your first set. If you can perform 8 reps and your last rep or two wasn't a struggle, move up the weight in a small increment. If you could only complete 5 reps, it is too heavy. You'll need to decrease the weight.


{Although this particular program doesn't use advanced tempo, here's a brief explanation should you pick up my free 1 day leg program or join monthly ongoing training programs)


Tempo explanation: If you have this as the tempo for example: 4010.


The first number (4) is the lowering of the weight. In this instance, lower the weight at a speed of 4 seconds down. The second number {the first zero) is the pause in the lowered position. In this instance there is no pause. The third number is the actual lifting of the weight, in this instance the weight should be lifted in 1 second, forceful but controlled. The fourth number (second zero) is the pause at the lifted position. In this instance 0. And zero means ZERO! No rest in between reps, fam! Keep constant tension unless otherwise instructed. You're here to work, not avoid it.


Counting explanation: If you have 4 seconds to count, make sure you're actually counting 4 seconds. Don't cheat yourself. 4,3,2,1,0. Not 4,3,2,1. That is only 3 seconds. Alternatively you can use 4 thousand, 3 thousand, 2 thousand, 1 thousand, instead of 4,3,2,1,0. Some people like to replace the O with what rep they're currently on such as 4,3,2,1,3....4,3,2,1,4 4,3,2,1,5 etc etc


Track every rep, set, weight, and weight increase that you make. Please track your weights and reps in the brackets provided on your program.



R = Reps


Respect rest intervals: If a rest interval is 60 seconds you don't start to get ready for your next set after 60 seconds, you are ready to start your first rep at 60 seconds!


Always warm up and use warm up sets: 2-4 sets depending on how low the reps are and the weight of the load you will be using. Program number and letter explanation: If there is an A1 and an A2, they are your first two exercises.




A1 Weighted Chest Dips

4 x 6-8 reps @ 3010 Tempo, Rest 60 seconds


A2 Neutral Grip Chin Ups (palms facing) 4 x 6-8 reps @ 3010, Rest 60 seconds


Complete a set of A1then after 60 seconds move to A2 after 60 seconds move back to A1 until you have completed each one 4 times.


It should be performed a1a2 a1 a2 a1 a2 a1 a2 after 4 sets of each have been performed you move on to your next letters.

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