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If you practice something over and over again, you will prove to yourself that you can master anything!


I’ll never forget the time I was at a network marketing event. I thought I was going to be learning about the company and the products, but it turned out it was a train the trainer leadership event! One of the seemingly daunting tasks was to sit with a partner over an extended lunch break (almost 3 hours long) and memorise a script which was from a scene out of the movie Tommy Boy. The script was practically 5 pages long!


After learning about our “challenge” and being dismissed for lunch, I distinctly recall standing up and feeling the anger and fear wash over my body. There was NO WAY in HELL I was going to be able to memorise that entire 5 page script in that amount of time. But of course I was incorrect. After sitting with my partner for nearly three hours and reading and acting the lines out back and forth to each other, I could recite the entire scene like I’d been doing it my entire life! It was truly a life-changing experience for me.