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Always wear shoes. This allows you to put more pressure on the preci them together to generate more torque.


Expose your skin. Trying to grip onto a watermelon with leggings on is not ideal.


Always touch the vajayjay. Your center of gravity is where all of your power is. Think about when you're rolling, you never want to leave your arm away from your body or it'll get snatched up and busted off! You always maintain the T-Rex position and keep those arms close to your body. Same with arm wrestling- the second you allow your arm to be dragged away from your body, the easier it is to take it down and pin it. So keep that watermelon close to the most powerful force on your body!


Reposition the watermelon if it doesn't explode after the first or second attempt. Sometimes switching the watermelon around 180 degrees will give you a new line of impact.


As you're pushing your hips off the ground and into the air by putting pressure through the palms of your hands, visualise smashing your knees together while you simultaneously squeeze your butt (sphincter) togeth­ er like you've got a fierce case of diarrhea and extend your legs straight! You've just become a human nutcracker!


Get creative and try different angles! Because our bodies are all so diverse, you might find that laying on your side, or even being in a plank position is easier for you to get more torque on the watermelon. The most important thing is that you cut that shitty inner voice off and keep going until you get it! NEVER. GIVE. UP.


Have fun, and remember to spend your time lifting other women up. We are here to change the game, create less incidents of domestic violence, sexual assault, and self harm. We are all leaders, and I trust you will step into your power and take your duty seriously.






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