The Next Right Step

A Reframe Novice begins with the body basics: all about the impact of alcohol. We're science first, so Reframe Novices learn everything there is to know about the neuroscience of alcohol, the psychology behind why we drink, and how to achieve success on this journey.

Once you progress to Reframe Apprentice, you'll move into mindset. Ever heard someone say "mindset is everything"? We believe that here at Reframe, so we really hone in on how to "reframe" our perspective around alcohol (and life!).


From here, you achieve Reframe Learner status. No longer a beginner, you begin developing the skills and tools needed to make dramatic changes in the way alcohol shows up in your life. Here we focus on habit formation, hone in on building self-esteem, and prioritize the important relationships in our lives, all through the dual lenses of actionable steps and Positive Psychology.

As you complete these levels, you'll find yourself wandering into pro-status. When you unlock Reframe Genius, you'll begin integrating everything you've learned thus far. You'll also dial into supportive habits outside of alcohol use, like nutrition, movement, creativity, and more. (Life starts getting really fun, here!)


Finally, you achieve Reframe Expert status once you've completed all components of the Reframe program and have learned everything you need to make a significant change to your relationship with alcohol. The work is never done, though—we continuously explore the mastery of how alcohol shows up for us, and we do it together.