Why Reframe?
Sobriety is multi-step, multi-dimensional process. Reframe is the only platform that brings together an evidence based behavior change program, tools, and a support community all in one convenient app so that you have everything you need in one place. It's not just convenient, it's life-saving

Digital CBT Journey

A personalized Neuroscience based program that helps you build healthier drinking habits.


Progress Tracking

Track progress across each recovery dimension from days to emotions to money saved

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Craving Management

Visuospatial games, resilience countdowns & more to beat Cravings as they come.


Evidence Based Daily Tasks

Daily lessons & exercises to help you gain insight and build crucial skills.

Challenges & Achievements

Take part in popular community challenges for extra support & motivation, and earn community badges!


Recovery Stories

Get inspired by your peers who overcame alcohol addiction


On Demand Toolkit

Comprehensive collection of  tools to help you handle any situation



Different types of journals to help you reflect, recollect & reorganize thoughts. See your trends & gain insights!



Different tools & exercises for relaxation, increased emotional awareness & acceptance