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Tips on Mindset
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All  a belief is, is a repeated thought. Most of our beliefs we create between  the ages of 0 and 8 years old. They are incredibly powerful and roughly 70-85% of our beliefs are limiting, meaning they suck and are highly unhelpful! On top of that, a majority of our daily thoughts are just repeated thoughts from the day before.


There are a number of ways of accessing the subconscious mind and creating new beliefs, but that is an entirely different course, so stay ready for that in the very near future.


The greatest thing about this crushing program is that it helps create awareness around what limiting self beliefs we have, whether these beliefs we created from our own experiences, or if they 're beliefs pushed onto us by society.

Without awareness of a problem, then there is no problem to solve! So you are at the first step my friend!


So many people go through life on autopilot with zero awareness of what's really going on around them. Again, this is a super deep topic but rest assured that you are well on your way to developing greatness simply by creating awareness in your life.


Women are incredibly strong. We are built to push babies out of our body and somehow get back to work days after. Before we were gifted our sex hormones at the fine age of 9-12, we were whooping boys' asses all over the playground . But  what happens when we start to "develop" is advertisers along with society, start to push us towards "acting like a girl". In reality, women carry both hormones of testosterone and estrogen. So why is it that we're all conditioned to think we're the weaker sex?

Do you believe that women are the weaker sex? if so, why?


What are some of the things you took onboard as a kid that you still have rattling around in the back of your head today? 


What are some beliefs you have currently before you've even attempted to crush? (ie is your inner voice telling you you're not strong enough?)


When was a time in your life you had to be strong that you often overlook and don't give yourself credit for?


On a separate piece of paper, write a ltter to your younger self explaining what you know now that you wish she knew back then. ( bitchhhhh do it! It's SO easy to let our ego start talking shit and telling you "it's too hard, I have too much other shit to do. Tell your ego to STFU and pick up a pen-discipline that inner voice, and work on yourself."



One of the easiest ways to start creating new beliefs is to practice the following method. Whenever you go to attempt a crush, pay attention to what your inner ass (or asses in a lot of cases!) is starting to say to you. Start observing it intentionally and continue to do so throughout the day. (Intentionally means that you set out with a purpose- you’re on a specific mission to be alerted when this voice starts going off… Remember, YOU do life, life does NOT do you! Take yourself off autopilot and take charge.) 


Think of this as your ultimate spy mission! Some people become hyper aware of that inner bullshit chatter in a matter of hours, some take weeks, and some have been noticing it their entire life. 


Regardless of where you are with it, go ahead with this easy strategy to start punching that voice in the throat: 


Name your inner critic’s voice of bullshit. It can be anything you want. This is your chance to own this ass hat! For example, you might name the voice “Aunt Patty” 


Interrupt said person by using their created name as soon as you hear it start to talk shit. 


Aunt Patty Whispers, “You aren’t strong enough to…” You cut her off saying, “Thanks for stopping by Aunt Patty but you can piss off now!” 


Say the exact opposite of what said person was “trying” to get you to believe either in your head or out loud. “I am strong, I am powerful.” 


Repeat the new mantra over and over again. A belief is simply a repeated thought so get to work! “I am strong, I am powerful. I am strong, I am powerful. I am strong, I am powerful. I am strong, I am powerful!” 


What are you going to name your inner critic?

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