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The power of visualization is a HUGE tool for success, which unfortunately was never taught to us in school! Go figure! That is why it is up to YOU to take charge of your higher education and be responsible for empowering yourself. F**k waiting for someone to come and save you, YOU got this! 


Have you ever read “The Secret”? 


A massive part of that book talks about the power of visualization along with how to utilise vision boards to help ‘manifest’ any desire you want. As most of us have experienced, simply just visualizing won’t get us exactly where we want to be without practice through action. 


Let me share a study with you that will help make this concept more tangible: 


A visualization study conducted by Dr. Blaslotto at the University of Chicago in 1996 was arranged by getting a group of current students who’d been randomly selected to shoot a series of free-throws (shooting a basketball from a designated line on the court). After the percentage of made free throws were tallied, the students were then divided into three groups and asked to perform three separate tasks over a 30 day period. 


The first group was instructed not to touch a basketball for 30 days with zero practicing or playing basketball in any manner. The second group was instructed to practice shooting free throws for a half hour a day for 30 days. The third group was to report to the gym every day for 30 days and spend a half hour with their eyes closed visualising hitting every single shot. 


After the 30 days, all three groups were brought back to perform the original number of shots they’d started with. 


The first group of students who didn’t practice saw zero improvement. The second group showed a 24% improvement. The third group showed a 23% improvement! Imagine what the improvement rate would have been if there were a group that was practicing for 30 minutes a day, and visualizing! Have you ever been car shopping and landed on something you felt was super unique that no one else was driving? 


Let’s say you found a burnt-orange Subaru WRX that you absolutely loved and now had to own. You leave the dealership to go home and think about whether you could truly afford it. You start day-dreaming about ripping around in your new car as you mentally start calculating your finances. But what happens over the next week is that there are several burnt-orange Subaru WRX’s on the road! It’s like everyone and their damn Mom has that freakin car! 


So what the bleep is that all about? 


This happens because we have switched on the “reticular activating system” in our brain, babe! This system helps us become hyper aware of what we want to bring into our lives by drawing that energy in on a subconscious level. 


So while you are on the toilet, driving to work, working out, cooking dinner, or sitting in the bath, visualize yourself crushing the shit out of that watermelon! 


Smell the juice as it explodes in the air. 

Feel the slippery mess that splashes on your legs. 

Get excited about your thighs sticking together from the ripeness bits of melon splattering on your magnificent thighs! Imagine yourself staring every single man in the eyes as you walk down the street, knowing that you could crush their skull if crossed.


(although I hate the word “try”)


My first TV appearance on Guiness Book of World Records Gone Wild in 2012 was a total let down. Even more disappointing, my third appearance on America’s Got Talent was in front of a live, 2,000 person theatre audience. I was so upset when I only smashed one watermelon that I almost couldn’t let it go. 


But as my brother said to me backstage, 

“People don’t remember what you did, they remember how you made them feel!”. 


What I said to the panel of judges and the audience was that, “Life is about being “Konfident”. Konfidence simply means you do your best in both training and the actual event. You then show up to have the experience without fear of failure or losing and without an attachment to winning. My goal tonight was to inspire all the little girls around the world to be strong, and for them to know that the appearance of our legs has nothing to do with our worth!”. 


I won’t go into too much detail because I’ve dedicated an entire chapter about this in my book but please, please, PLEASE understand and believe me when I say that the people of the world have ZERO F**KS TO GIVE about our cellulite and dimples. Most people are too busy worrying about you judging THEM instead of them judging you. 


In closing,