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But for Reframe to work for you, we do have a few asks: 


  1. 15 minutes of your time, each day: We know that little changes can add up quickly, creating big change. True to this, we’ve broken down our program into 3-5 simple, daily tasks. These will help you acquire new skills, understand the science of alcohol use, and reframe the way you think about drinking. We ask that you spend 15 minutes completing these daily tasks—bonus points if they’re completed at the same time every day. 

  2. Belief: In yourself, and in this program. Change can only happen if you believe it can, so we ask that you hold onto the faith that you can achieve your goals with Reframe. Progress is not always linear—there will be ups, downs, successes, and slips. As long as you are moving forward, we believe you will see a change in your relationship with alcohol over time.