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Build Healthier Drinking Habits.

Use Neuroscience to Reframe your Relationship with Alcohol & Unlock the Healthiest, Happiest You. 


Use Neuroscience to Reframe your Relationship with Alcohol & Unlock the Best Version of You. 

Reframe is the #1 most comprehensive alcohol reduction program.

Reframe is the World's #1 Alcohol Reduction Platform and it is built on a promise: We won't just help you create healthier drinking habits, we will help you THRIVE. We brought together the world's leading experts in alcohol reduction, nutrition, fitness, and wellness to create the revolutionary Reframe app that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world unlock the very best version of themselves.

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Try out the world's best Alcohol reduction app for yourself.

Not only did we bring neuroscience based program, CBT tools, progress tracking, and personalized guidance together for the first time ever on a smartphone app, we also partnered with various great creators & community leaders to bring you exciting challenges and community you can count on for support, whenever and wherever you need it.


“Grateful cannot begin to describe what I feel about Reframe. It led me from eternally stressed-out mom struggling at life to someone I know my daughter can look up to." 

—  Carla R.

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